lunes, junio 11, 2007

new art page

my art blog is moving to a flickr page for its better organization and look. check it out! (you don't have to be a member to look)

viernes, mayo 18, 2007

cursa de cortes ingles

on may 6th i completed the 29th cursa (race) de cortes ingles (a popular depatment store here). i didn't do it alone though. amanda and i went with our friend, irene and matt was there (but WAY ahead). this year there was over 53,000 people participating..that is right. a LOT. it is a course of 11k that takes you through the city center, up the side of montjuic (big hill that forms side of city), in the olympic stadium (around the track) and back down to the main plaza. i couldn't begin to descibe the energy we felt as we ran and walked along with 54,000 other people that we attempting to accomplish the same goal. it felt like something you want to get lost in. and stay. mmm...why isn't more of life like that? ohh...and the proceeds went to a good cause called casal raval. check it out by clicking here. i'm thinking about getting involved there.

miércoles, mayo 02, 2007

Deu n'hi do

so lately i've been trying to brush up on some catalan. i mean i took lessons briefly last year and have lived now for two years in a city that is literally drenched in the language but just in the past month i have been making more of an effort to speak it with friends and make strides to learn it. i'm even going to an catalan/english discussion group on thursdays. and trust me, i am relieved when the second hour comes around and my head clears a bit! :) the above phrase (title) was taught to me last week by my new friend, cesar. as far as i can tell, it means something like "yes!" or "wow!" but has no direct translation into spanish or english. for some reason i love reminds me just how complex and interesting an animal a new language is. some things can't just be traded from one language to just has to dive into the culture and world of another to begin to understand their language. anyways the diving in is a slow process...but worth it. i'm enjoying the fall.

martes, abril 24, 2007

san jordi

here are some photos of el dia de san jordi (saint george day) yesterday. it is the big day here in catalunya. the guys typically give the girls a rose and the girls give the guys a book. aj and i walked around for awhile and tried to soak it all in. happened to be a beautiful day too.

jueves, abril 05, 2007


here are some fotos that aj took of matt, aj and i putting up my new show in a deli/cafe, named venus, here in the old city. the two bigger ones in the middle are the beginnings of a thai series...inspired by the photos sarah (little sis) took last summer in thailand.
putting up the show was a bit stressful of a process...two frames broke at the last minute and we had to improvise in the moment with some of the supplies...we had left the house totally prepared, but living in spain has taught me that something ALWAYS comes up...and it did...and thankfully we were able to work together and be flexible...thanks aj and matt.
it has been a good experience thus far showing my work there...having your work there means something (which i wasn't aware of) and i've been able already to bring some friends by to have a coffee and see the art.

viernes, marzo 16, 2007

camino de santiago

several of us here just bought tickets to go to santiago de compostela in may. from there we will travel about 100-120 kilometers out and then take 5-6 days to walk back. i can't possibly say how excited i am about this. i don't usually get hyped about walking blisters onto my feet and sleeping on the floor...but i will make an exception here. not only am i expecting this to be a sort of spiritual pilgramage, i also see this as a sort of comming home. for those of you who have travelled this journey with me for awhile, remember that santiago is where my days in spain began. i can't wait. (above is a foto i took of the church in santiago)

sábado, marzo 10, 2007

new fad

i just signed up for facebook. what was i thinking?